This is very very common in New Zealand.  We practice blame-free dentistry and will not tell you off for the condition of your teeth.  We have seen everything so do not feel embarrassed – this is what we do and we are here to help.

We will listen to what you want to achieve and treat you with compassion and respect.  Restoring a smile is very satisfying for us.

This is often triggered by something not going so well in the past.  We have excellent pain relief and will do everything we can to make you comfortable and feel at ease.  How we do our job has changed a lot over the last little while. Dentistry has never been this good.

Have a look in The Prices section to see what your first visit will cost.  We are happy to provide cost estimates and indicate how long it might take for any subsequent treatment.  There is a huge range of treatment options these days. Depending on what you want your teeth to do, how long you want them to last, how comfortable you want them to be and what you want to spend are important things to consider.

Probably. Lower living costs, less regulation and lower standards all contribute to cheap dentistry offshore. Condensing extensive treatment into a very short period of time carries a lot of risk and follow up is very difficult on the other side of the world.  You can probably build a house for cheaper in Northern Thailand too.

Remember a lot of the stuff we do is irreversible and you have to keep it inside your mouth.  Consider things like reputation, training and resources when choosing a dentist.

Yes. Good oral health is crucial to maintaining whole body health. There is a wealth of data linking untreated mouth disease (decay, infection, gum disease) to other major problems like diabetes, heart disease and stroke.  I am a strong believer in prevention so your teeth last a lifetime. I am a big advocate for healthy living.

Amalgam is a mixture of mercury, silver, tin and copper. The danger times of the amalgam is during placement and removal.  There is not good evidence that amalgam is bad for you or causes anything bad to happen.  It does cause stress fractures in teeth and is pretty unsightly.

There are much better materials around now to put in teeth and I have not used any amalgam for a number of years no