Why be limited?

Dr Nick has trained extensively in digital planning and guided surgery techniques. Our approaches are progressive and innovative.

This is what we love.  Your goal might be to have teeth for the rest of your life, have teeth you can eat better with, teeth that don’t break all the time or teeth that make you smile more

3d Printed tooth Bay Dental Care Hastings


If you are missing one tooth, several teeth or you have dentures that don’t work very well, implants are the gold standard of care. We use a fully guided system that takes all the guesswork out of surgery and we can manage these in house.


We work closely with local orthodontists for the treatment of children and adults to help achieve beautiful smiles

Smile Makeover

Everyone wants a beautiful smile. We have all the right training, techniques and tools to achieve the smile you want. You tell us what you want and we will find a way to get you there.

Wisdom Teeth

Sometimes wisdom teeth don’t behave themselves and grow at funny angles or get stuck on the way through. With good imaging, the right gear, and experience we can remove a range of wisdom teeth.

Full Mouth Rebuild

Wish you could get everything back to square one?  Sometimes all your teeth can get very badly worn or damaged and we need a whole mouth approach to get you back on track.



Dr Nicholas Cutfield, Principal Dentist and Owner of Bay Dental Care